Widow Welfare  
Women form half of the population of the world and share one per cent of the resources. In India women are born to suffer till their death. The sufferings of women are doubled if they happen to be widows in the Indian soil. A woman is surrounded by the culture that seldom she can come out from this. Though social change is very fast due to the growing globalization few areas remain unchanged and one of the areas where the change is very slow is the marriage and related customs.
Society is not positive even today for widow remarriage. Setting apart the laws societal norms are strong here that a widow has to die as a widow whatever her age and surroundings be. The widows in India are one of the categories of women who are not given importance by Women’s Studies’ scientists and sociologists. The book Widows in India fills this gap through this study. This study, which is conducted in Tamil Nadu, highlights the living conditions of widows of all age and income groups. The book gives several case studies, which is an eye-opener for academicians and all who are interested in women’s welfare especially that of widows.
In India, widows are looked down upon as disgraceful, unlucky--even cursed. When a couple marries, the woman "divorces" her family and lives with her husbands’ family. Once the husband dies, relatives take away all of the property, sell it and divide the profits. They often leave the wife and the children with nothing. They are left on their own, living sad lives of destitution and poverty. Many widows turn to street begging or prostitution to support their families. Even then, widows are not allowed to attend their own children's weddings because they are so despised in Hindu society.
India is often projected as a harmonious, multi-cultural society to the external world, but the down side of this complex society is that discrimination and prejudice is a way of life. Discrimination against women unfortunately starts at home from a very young age. On the one hand the girl child is pampered. On the other hand girls are discouraged to go to school and to get educated. Instead in the interest of making her a good wife, they are trained at home to do the domestic work. Since in its ignorance the society thinks, "that is the appropriate place for women". Sometimes birth of a girl is considered a curse. Child marriages are still very common in Indian villages thus girls get married at a very tender age. Thus at a very young age they are burdened with lot of responsibilities, become mothers that leads to physical weakness, illness, and diseases.
  Widow Welfare Scheme by Govt. of India  
The Union government wants to expand the scope of the National Social Assistance Programme, or NSAP, a welfare fund, to include about four million poor widows, besides people with multiple disability—to provide each of them a monthly pension of Rs200, which is likely to put an extra burden of Rs1,691 crore a year on the government.
Widows aged between 40 and 64 and people in the age group of 18-64 from below poverty line, or BPL, households, who have multiple disabilities, will now be covered by NSAP.
S. No.
Name of Scheme
Amount of Assistance
Source of Scheme
Forms received from & submitted at
Pension Scheme for Widows
Between 18-60 years of age, resident of Delhi fro at least 5 years before applying & total personal annual income below Rs. 48,000/-
Rs. 600/- p.m remitted quarterly
Govt. of India
Prescribed Application forms can be obtained free of cost from the Area MLA/MP, Concerned District Office (SW) as per their jurisdiction or FAS Section, HQ    
Widow’s daughters' marriage/ Marriage of Orphan Girls.

(a) Resident of Delhi since the last five year.
(b) Annual family income below Rs. 48,000/-
(c) Applicable upto two daughters only.
(d) The applicant must have name in the voter ID card.
(e) The girl should not be below 18 years on the date of her marriage.

(f) The applicant can submit the application up to 60 days before & after the date of marriage.
Rs.20000/- at the time of Marriage.
Depend upon State Govt.
Scholarship to the children of widows
Studying children of the widows who are residents of Delhi.
For class 1st to 5th Rs.500/- per year For class 6 th to 8 th Rs.600/- per year For class 9th to 12th Rs.1000/- per year
Depend upon State Govt.
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