Women cover nearly half of the population and no real development is possible neglecting women. To ignore womenís role is to harm not just women but the entire communities and a nation because women, after all are half of the human race. To mitigate such problems IWWF has started the awareness for socially, economically and politically deprived and marginalized women with multiple burdens in terms of doís and doníts on their heads regarding their rights and dignity.
It is the creative and smartest platform for women which can guarantee the positive changes in the life of especially illiterate, unskilled and uninformed women. It has integrated all three major aspects; Education, Capacity building and Information which has become fundamental needs of women to live in 21st century.
As explained, women are key components in many areas like family, society and a nation. So, positive impact on women ultimately brings positive impact toward their life and culture. Nation is nothing but the combination of people and itís thought. So when women become aware and empowered of their rights and position, then remaining half part of the sky according to population will also be clear which ultimately brings positive effect to every sectors of a nation.
IWWF is an initiative & innovators for Women that focus on the rapidly growing world of social innovation. It provides solutions and resources needed to help in combating problems for women.
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