IWWF Network  
Battling Against Odds for a Cause
IWWF promotes and supports women organizations and women networking through various programs for sustainable development. IWWF is a growing network whose growth and member participation are both related to the extent to IWWF's program areas only for women welfare. Members get involved by sharing information, participating in face-to-face and online media also, collaborating in various IWWF, NGO’s & Government activities, and participating in general planning.

Not only it has become the landmark for women's rights in India, the center for women's activities, solution provider for women difficulties, the information provider, and the research center for women related issues, but also it has played significant roles in promoting women's education, enhancing women's rights, and being a researcher for women's issues in India.


The main objective of IWWF Network is to create a platform around issues of common interest of women welfare for the betterment of society.

Gender justice, economic empowerment and equal participation for women are the issues IWWF is trying to tackle. But in its short existence of foundation, it has learnt the hard way that the path chosen by it is difficult to tread. "But we are dedicated to achiving our goal of women empowerment with utmost preseverance, with the help of our vast member organisation network" says Chairperson of IWWF, the idea behind this Women Welfare Foundation.
IWWF is supporting various NGO’s & Government’s women welfare related activities with the soul aim of women empowerment.
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