Projects under IWWF  

Only when women are empowered,we may build a world, that is worthwhile to live in.The cause to empower women must not fade under any circumstances and there should be persistent genuine efforts to achieve gender equality.We are offering assistance for "ALL PROJECTS" that serve the cause of women empowerment.

A few projects undertaken so far are as under:

  Our various projects  

1.Women Education Awareness Generation Programs

2.HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs

3.Welfare for Widows

4.Compaign against Child Marriage

5.Education & Training programs

6.Accomodation & Housing for women

7.Welfare programs for Disabled

8.Compaign against Trafficking & prostitution

9.Rehabilitation of rape victims, prostitutes etc.

10.Women & Child Health

11.Self Help Group Projects

12.Help for the Elderly

  Steps involved in approval of Projects:

1.Online Submission of Project

2.Summery Appraisal

3.Submission of Detailed Project Report

4.Appraisal of Detailed Project Report


6.Survey Report Evaluation

7.Board Appraisal

8.Sanction of Grant

9.Disbursal of Funds

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