IWWF is expecting to achieve women's self growth, to help civil women's groups with sound organizational development, to enhance women's welfare service quality and specialization, to set up accessible women's welfare information network, and to improve women's rights, information sharing and international communication.
  The key tasks and functions of IWWF are:  
  • To develop women's welfare services network

  • To offer a complete and accessible welfare services

  • To protect women's rights and provide various supports for disadvantaged women

  • To promote gender equality and advocate equal rights for citizens in all genders

  • To encourage women's self development

  • To help well develop women's groups and organizations

  • To train professional social workers for women's welfare

  • To provide the information in women's welfare for integration and promotion

  • To establish the historical database for women

  • To offer women in communities more room to learn and relieve

  • To create global views and host international events

  • To actively enhance international communication

  • To cope with emerging (women's) gender issues and design more courses and activities about diversity, and

  • To improve the vigor of women's participation in public affairs.

IWWF maintains various training centre and also campaigning against dowry, child marriage, prostitution and immoral traffic.

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