Support Women  
We envision a long way ahead
We seek:
  • Enlarged Networking
  • Institutional reforms that promote equal rights for women and men
  • Policies for sustained economic development; and
  • Active measures to redress persistent gender disparities.

Focus must be primarily on raising the value of the girl child within the family and society. On health side, to give special attention to women prone to anemia and malnutrition, which then perpetuate a cycle of poor health? Aging women and those with disabilities also need enough care. High illiteracy poverty and backwardness in terms of social indicators require special focus. To ensure that women must be treated as entities in their own right and not just as a resource person for the family.


We at IWWF reaffirm that our common fundamental values including freedom, equality, solidarity, and respect for all women rights, are essential to development of society. We further promise that our commitment to empower women through education, vocation, motivation and inspiration, which leads towards their growth and sustainable development, shall be adhered to. We strongly reiterate our determination to ensure the timely and full realization of the Goals set by IWWF.


We have provided guidance & assistance over the years to NGO’s, Government bodies and other authorized institutions which work for Women Welfare. We work for a social cause to rebuild a great society, culture and Country. Please come with your detailed plan. We will provide you the right platform, due guidance and requisite financial assistance.

We invite all who can help us make this site more informative and can volunteer to empower women.


We want to make one thing very loud and clear that we do not seek any kind of monetary support from you. We look forward to have your participation and moral support to achieve our perspectives. Women of this world need your recognition, time and concern.

We only assist organizations working for a particular cause OF women welfare. To search for member organizations, please go to "Search for donation

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