True Stories  
Scripting on the Wall
Chandrakala’s husband was electrocuted. Her brother-in-law, the sole bread-winner in the family, committed suicide. The events were enough to shatter her. Instead, Chandrakala scripted a success story — one which most women in the tiny village of Bewal are trying to emulate.
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A lightening Candle in the Air
Given proper support and encouragement, there are millions of women who can stand on their feet. Mamtaben is a shining example, made a significant difference and established an ideology for making lives more meaningful.
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Lighting up Women's Future
On the edge of Rajasthan where shifting sand dunes mark the border between India and Pakistan, four villages have had their dark nights lit up by incandescent bulbs running on renewable solar energy. The villages, which are a series of homesteads scattered across an undulating dessert landscape of the western Indian state of Rajasthan, have never been connected to the power grid.
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Taking the First Guard
They had never stepped outside their homes, let alone towns until a couple of years back. Today they travel to cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Lahore and Kathmandu on 'business trips'.
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