Women & Economy  
The economy has long been used to intimidate and exclude. Women are especially affected because so much of women’s work is undervalued by the mainstream economy.
Indian society is extremely hierarchical with virtually everyone ranked relative to others according to their caste, group, class, wealth, and power. This ranking even exists in areas where it is not openly acknowledged, such as certain business settings.
A common Indian word is "Raising girl is like watering someone else's lawn" . This statement shows that the attitude towards women is not positive. This statement was true in former period when girls were seen as a burden to society but in present time women have proved their worth by standing along with men and working to earn money, and even making important scientific and mathematical discoveries. They are the productive partners in agriculture and other agro-economic activities like forestry, fisheries, land preparation, seed selection, weeding, harvesting. They take care of animals, grazing, and fodder collection, cleaning of animals sheds to processing milk and livestock products. In livestock management, indoor jobs like milking, feeding, cleaning, etc. are done by women in 90 per cent of families while management of male animals and fodder production are effected by men.
Promoting entrepreneurship for women will require an even greater reversal of traditional attitudes than the mere creation of jobs for women hood. This does not mean that we should wait for societal change to take place first. But it does imply that the programs should go beyond subsidies and credit allocation to attitudinal changes, group formation, and training and other support services. Studies have found that women enterprises are qualitatively different from men. Female enterprises tend to center on the delivery of services responding to traditionally unsatisfied needs. Women represent 40% of the worlds labor force but their share of management jobs rarely exceeds 20%.
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